Spring 2017 Newsletter

June 28, 2017


A Letter From the Executive Director
Food Safety is the primary concern of the Food Bank of Central Louisiana. Food donated to the Food Bank is quite often food that will not sell. It may not have passed quality control standards by the manufacturer. It can be a test market item, a seasonal food item (like Christmas cookies or items in holiday packaging), an item intended for export or simply a labeling error. It is true that many of the items that are donated to the Food Bank of Central Louisiana are past one of three dates that are stamped on products, “Best By”, “Use By”, or “Sell By.” These are the dates for the period when a food product is at its peak. It does not mean that the product is inedible or not safe for consumption.


Pineville High School Seniors Raise Funds and Volunteer for the Food Bank
Connor Littleton, a senior at Pineville High School, hosted an estate sale with proceeds benefiting the Food Bank of Central Louisiana in January for his senior project. This successful event raised $2,100 for the Food Bank. The majority of the items sold belonged to his late grandparents, Wanda and Alex Littleton. Connor’s grandfather, Alex Littleton worked for many years with Pineville CCAC, helping start their food pantry. Wesley Williams used his musical talent to conduct a concert at Pineville High School on February 23. Wesley recruited local musicians to perform at this event which raised $450 and 35 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Central Louisiana.


Good Things are Growing with the Good Food Project
This sustainable gardening program has progressed over the past couple of years to become a leader in the local food movement. In 2016-2017, 72 individuals visited the Good Food Project to learn more about the program, many left with seeds for their home gardens and/or cultural recommendation guides to help them know what to plant each month. Gardens under the guidance of the program have increased to 65 in 10 of the 11 parishes served by the Food Bank of Central Louisiana.


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