Good Food Project

Local Sustainable Gardens

An earnest desire by the management of Keller Enterprises to provide fresh, high-quality produce, reconnect people to the food they eat, educate them about good nutrition and sustainable garden practices, and establish a boundary-free sense of community is the seed from which the Good Food Project sprouted.


Keller Enterprises, an Alexandria-based agricultural company with nationwide interests, made a substantial gift through the Central Louisiana Community Foundation to fund the initial years of the project. With continuing input from Keller Enterprises and the community foundation, The Food Bank of Central Louisiana administers the Good Food Project.


"Community gardens thrive in cities across the United States, and they make good sense for Central Louisiana," said Elisabeth Keller, president and CEO of Keller Enterprises. "What we like about community gardens is that you not only are growing food, you are bringing people together to do it."


Keller Enterprises, which operates Inglewood Farm just south of Alexandria, funded the Good Food Project after nearly two years of research into the nutrition and educational needs of Central Louisiana. "This is our home, our company's home base, and where our family's roots are," said Keller. "This philanthropic investment aligns with what we do as a company, making this project particularly interesting to us."


The Good Food Project serves Food Bank clients in particular and the general public.